Virtual Engineering: On the EMO 2013 ImmerSight presents its unique technology for Virtual Reality

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In hall 24 (at the stand of “VDW-Nachwuchsstiftung”) of the EMO 2013 in Hanover, the start up enterprise ImmerSight presents its innovative technology for visualisation. Visitors can move completely intuitive and independent in a virtual environent and even interact with it. Therefore, the user wears the RoomGlasses developed by ImmerSight and finds himself directly in the middle of the simulation.

This simulation consists of a virtual production hall with a virtual model of a Formula-1 racing car. With the RoomGlasses, the user can move unhindered and independently and experience the car nearly real. He actually walks in the real world but feels like being in the virtual reality. Completely immersed into the scenario, the user can operate a simulation of an exploded view with a remote control. The single elements of the car spatially seperate themselves from each other (exploded view drawing) and the user can look at them from every perspective by crouching and walking around through the pieces. The RoomGlasses offer a stereoscopic view which gives the objects a plastic look and makes them seem tangible.

At the stand of the “VDW-Nachwuchsstiftung” a whole production chain is exhibited. The CAD-planned Formula-1 racing car will be produced by different machines on the stand and in the end assembled. ImmerSight makes it possible to show a close to real visualisation of the racing car in the planning phase, according to CAD-construction data. The user-controlled simulation of an exploded view drawing illustrates the assembly of the different elements, even before the actual production process is implemented.

Read entire press release: Press Release EMO 2013 EN

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