Immersight’s research began with software-based filter and tracking procedures using different sensor systems, but at least just 1 camera. The main intention was to integrate high-precision mapping of the human body movement in a virtual world to obtain realistic perception of artificially designed environments or precisely surveyed real places. The first product were the RoomGlasses, which enable the user to totally immerge in virtual spaces thus creating an almost real experience. The product’s lifecycle ended successfully in 2016 with the come up of alternative VR-goggles.

Based on VR-technology immersight® has developed and markets the 3D-Showroom – a solution for content building, content management & distribution and client-software for presentation in shops. The aim is realistic visualization of products, materials and designs, with impressive and intuitive use at point of sale.

Immersight’s strength is a deep understanding in combining VR-technology with sationairy sales-processes and showroom-concepts. Therefore Immersight offers a variety of products and services that form outstanding results for Virtual Showrooms, such as:

  • Interactive point-of-sale solutions
  • Kiosk solutions: Interactive Consumer Information Systems at PoI based on 3D-Media
  • Consulting and Training Services for Virtual Showroom applications
  • Adaption of professional applications in the fields of medicine, automotive, telecommunication, CAD and many more