immersight is in the finals of the EIT Digital Challenge

Looking for Europes’s best digital technology scaleups, the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) has selected 8 finalists out of all applicants. They focused on technologies which will drive the digital transformation in Europe. immersight is nominated with its innovative 3D-Showroom-Software in the category ‘digital industry’.
The competition will take place on the 30th November in Helsinki and the winner will receive 50.000€. For more information click here.



Room planers sell rooms (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) and act as distributor, but they often provide couse guidance and planning service. Therefore, the showroom is an essential sales-tool, where products and materials can be experienced by customers. However, real showrooms are time-consuming, very costly and get old pretty soon. Showrooms concepts are mostly focused on single product prices so far, but little on guidance- and planning services or rooms altogether.

With Virtual Reality, customers are able to virtually step into the showroom and their individually planed room. With the immersight 3D-Showroom, virtual showrooms can be created and get perceptible. They are either equipped with own references or sample rooms from manufacturer, which are provided by the immersight cloud. Therefore, installer and wholesaler can build up and provide cost efficient showrooms.

Showroom Virtuel

The newly created poster focusses on the virtual showroom which makes it possible for customers to see their home in new tiles, in countless variants. Since the imagining of not yet existing objects is difficult – even impossible for some people –
the ImmerSight Roomglasses let users experience their rooms as if they really find themselves in them.


Big trips ahead

After going to Luxembourg this week to attend a sales event of Palette CAD, ImmerSight will be part of a sales event of Saint-Gobain in Lille, France next week.
We are looking forward to presenting our impressive technology and to meeting interesting people.
The two visits are all about tiles, wood, interiour design, bathroom and kitchen planning, stoves, 3D planning and the Roomglasses of course. The Roomglasses will make every planning presentation more realistic and therefore more fascinating than a common presentation. The user does not need to imagine his future stove, kitchen, bathroom,
tiles,… anymore but can actually walk through his new room.

Invitation Tiles Fair 2014 (1)

Positional tracking for Oculus Rift Crystal Cove

With video goggles like the Oculus Rift you can look around in a virtual environment. The new prototype of Oculus VR called “Crystal Cove” allows the user even to move a little bit in front of a IR-Camera, which reduces the motion sickness.

With the tracking technology of ImmerSight the user can really walk in every direction of the area, totally free! The ImmerSight technology is based on passive white markers on a carbon ring. One single regular USB-camera takes pictures of the user and so the position and orientation of the user’s head is detected by the software algorithm. The algorithm is that efficient that it works on a Laptop. The technology is not based on infra-red, so it is robust to sun light and works perfectly at window-sides.

The video shows the “Carbon Cove” called combination of ImmerSight tracking technology and the Oculus Rift. The result is real positional tracking for video goggles, which is very immersive. The carbon ring is very light-weight and completely passive, so no power for LEDs or any electronics is needed. By the use of the ZEISS Cinemizer a wireless transmission of the video signal is possible, so the user is absolutely free in walking and feels an even deeper immersion.

The ImmerSight tracking technology turns simple video goggles into Room Glasses, which lets you experience immersion into the virtual room by real walking.

Virtual Engineering: On the EMO 2013 ImmerSight presents its unique technology for Virtual Reality

Virtual Engineering EMO 2013 exploded view Formula1 RoomGlasses 3D Showroom Immersive Visualization Video Glasses Goggles Virtual Reality Immersion ZEISS Cinemizer mobile portable CAVE CAD planning presentation

In hall 24 (at the stand of “VDW-Nachwuchsstiftung”) of the EMO 2013 in Hanover, the start up enterprise ImmerSight presents its innovative technology for visualisation. Visitors can move completely intuitive and independent in a virtual environent and even interact with it. Therefore, the user wears the RoomGlasses developed by ImmerSight and finds himself directly in the middle of the simulation.

This simulation consists of a virtual production hall with a virtual model of a Formula-1 racing car. With the RoomGlasses, the user can move unhindered and independently and experience the car nearly real. He actually walks in the real world but feels like being in the virtual reality. Completely immersed into the scenario, the user can operate a simulation of an exploded view with a remote control. The single elements of the car spatially seperate themselves from each other (exploded view drawing) and the user can look at them from every perspective by crouching and walking around through the pieces. The RoomGlasses offer a stereoscopic view which gives the objects a plastic look and makes them seem tangible.

At the stand of the “VDW-Nachwuchsstiftung” a whole production chain is exhibited. The CAD-planned Formula-1 racing car will be produced by different machines on the stand and in the end assembled. ImmerSight makes it possible to show a close to real visualisation of the racing car in the planning phase, according to CAD-construction data. The user-controlled simulation of an exploded view drawing illustrates the assembly of the different elements, even before the actual production process is implemented.

Read entire press release: Press Release EMO 2013 EN

Virtual Reality for Industry

At Hannover Messe 2013 ImmerSight showed a new visualization technology for industry as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially trade and business professionals were fascinated by the “mobile CAVE” showing a much easier-to-use and simpler technology than the cumbersome and complex CAVE. The 3D showroom from ImmerSight is not restricted to engineering applications but suits training purposes as well. At the HMI 2013 the users could fully immerse into a virtual factory facility and could grab and move objects by operating a robot with a controller.

Prime minister of Baden-Württemberg – Winfried Kretschmann – didn’t miss the opportunity to try ImmerSight’s innovative visualization technology. With the RoomGlasses he fully immerged into the virtual bathroom and was totally impressed.

Invitation: Hannover Messe 2013

On Hannover Messe 2013 we will present the first simple and flexible solution for immersive presentation of products and plannings. Because of its minimal amount of system components the technology is predestined for mobile use. The system is comparable to the CAVE, but affordable by small to medium-sized industrial companies. Particular attention on Hannover Messe is paid to usage in the field of architecture, construction and production. Applications such as product configuration, virtual engineering, advertising effectiveness analysis or serious games are also important areas. Visitors can test the system by themselves in Hall 2 on stand C19 (bw-i).

CeBIT 2012

On CeBIT 2012 we made the first public presentation of our technology. Visitors could try out our prototype at the exhibition’s stand. People have been very interested and we’ve got an amazing feedback.